<hero description="Verona – a sleepy-little town in rural Washington, a long drive from anywhere of worth. With a population of only 2,400, everybody knows everybody and, hell, most of us are probably related. Yeah, we're all inbred freaks. Money in the area comes from the forestry industry and in recent years, tourism. What could bring any sane person to such a boring-ass town? Its reputation, of course, as the hometown of the USA's most barbaric serial killer. The murderer was caught three years ago, and he's in jail now, but that doesn't stop the morbid sort from showing up to his door like it's some kind of shrine. These city people, they don't understand because it wasn't their friends going missing.

But enough of that. It's quite safe nowadays, and all you've got to look out for are the junkies who – by the way – might mug you for a bit of cash. Still, I guess Verona's got its charms, if you like farms, forest trails and a shitty damn internet connection. Our Walmart is tiny, but at least we have one.

Who am I kidding? This town's boring as. Now that mandatory curfew's been lifted I bet everyone in my year is going to be out at the old bonfire spots, or causing trouble. If only something interesting ever happened, we wouldn't have to. There hasn't even been a freak snowstorm in like, forever! We're long overdue something spooky.

I hope it's vampires, like in Twilight.

(The Mundane is a group RP on created by the lovely GMs, McHaggis, Liriia & Undine. The RP is set in a small town one night an eclipse happens and the next day the teens mysteriously gain super powers. Full of romance, teen angst and friendships as well as rivalries. The wikia here is for the members of the RP to add and expand the universe of our little RP." imagename="" cropposition=""></hero>

We are The MundaneEdit

Things like this don't happen in Verona. They happen in New York – in Hell's Kitchen with blind lawyers fighting crime on the side, or billionaires making suits to combat aliens. They happen in London, in the 40s, in the war. They happen in Tokyo, with great green monsters rising out of the radioactive sea to battle other freakish giants. Hell, they might even happen in rural America, in Kansas, in a small farming town there where meteorites fall like rain.

But they don't happen in Verona. Why would they? Our home's a sleepy-little town in Washington, a long drive from anywhere of worth like Seattle. Everybody knows everybody here: the retail workers, the teachers, the police... and especially the high school students. With a population of only 2400, it's no surprise that people think we're hicks and probably all related. The most exciting thing that happens around here is when someone in the forestry industry loses an arm in a freak chainsaw accident brought on by being drunk on the job. What could bring any sane person to such a boring-ass town?

Actually... That's not quite true. We do have a reputation here in Verona, or the town does at least. They should put it on billboards: "Home of Washington's most barbaric serial killer." John Jackson, that was his name, and most people in town had at least one acquaintance die at his hand, their body laid out in public like some grotesque photo-shoot. But he's gone now, locked away in jail with the key thrown away, and we don't have anything to worry about except the tourism industry, because in the three years since the murderer was caught, so many freaks have turned up to have a look at his old house like it's some kind of shrine. They don't understand what it's like because it wasn't their friends going missing.

Enough of that. All we've had to worry about in recent times are the junkies, but the worst thing they could do is mug you for a bit of cash. Verona's charm is limited to farms, forest trails and a shitty internet connection. We're just barely big enough for a Walmart. Nah, who am I kidding? The only thing to do now that the mandatory curfew's been lifted is heading out to old bonfire spots, or causing trouble, and when we're caught pleading that we wouldn't have to do those things if something interesting happened.

Well, now we've got no excuse. Superpowers? God must have a sense of humor to give those to some bored small-town teens, right?

Out of Character InformationEdit

The Mundane is a large group RP on created by McHaggis, Liriia and Undine. Set in a small town, an unexpected solar eclipse occurs and on the following day, local teenagers mysteriously gain superpowers. Centering around romance, teen angst, long-lasting friendships and bitter rivalries as well as a whodunnit mystery as another murder takes place in town, the character-driven RP follows the lives of these kids and how they deal with their new-found abilities. This wikia is here for the members of this RP to add to and expand the lore of this RP.

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